January 25, 2018

So this is just a quick mid-week post discussing everything I've been loving this month. I've done a lot of clothes shopping in January. However I haven't included many as I have a lot of outfit posts planned for the next few weeks, I just need to get photos done and then they'll be up. So the above picture is a snapshot of all my favourites of the month. 

Pinstripe Trousers - Stradivarius - £19.99 
These Stradivarius trousers have been a wardrobe staple of mine for the past month. They are such a comfy knit material. They go with almost all outfits I would usually style them with a red t-shirt and a puffa coat for going into town or boots and a crop top for a nightout. These are also available in light grey and dark grey. 

Leopard Print Sunglasses - Primark - £2
So I know it's a bit early for sunglasses, but I always like to wear sunglasses on my head to keep my hair out of my face and these are my favourite sunglasses and I know they will be perfect for the summer. I love the shape of them too, they go perfectly with my new teddy fur bomber jacket. 

Jimmy Choo L'eau Eau de Toilette - Boots - £36
This is my favourite perfume, its the perfect mix between a fruity and floral scent with undertones of musk and cedarwood. Without being too sickly sweet. It's listed as having top notes of hibiscus and bergamont on the website. If you are looking for a new perfume definitely check this one out as I know it will be a firm favourite of mine in months to come.

2018 Diary - Stradivarius - £9.99
This diary has been perfect for me to keep track of all my plans and appointments for the last month. It's really well laid out and has a section for notes as well as a monthly overview. The rose gold design on the front is gorgeous too and that might've been part of the reason I bought it. It's still avaliable in stradivarius stores and there is a range of similar ones on the website. 

Marble Insta Girl Nails - Primark - £1.50
I always get so many compliments on my nails and people asking me where I get them done, the truth is I stock up on Primark nails and cut them down to size. I often paint over them as well if I can't get the colour I want. These marble nails have been my favourites recently and match so well with my phonecase. 

Derry Girls - Channel 4
The past month I have been loving the new series Derry Girls on Channel 4, being from Northern Ireland myself I absolutely love the Northern Irish humour in the show. Some of it is also filmed in my old school Hunterhouse College, which is nice to see. If you haven't checked out the show it is a must watch especially if you are from Northern Ireland. 

I realise most of the things I've discussed in this are from Primark and Stradivarius but these just happen to be the two main places I've been shopping in Belfast. More new posts coming soon!

Thanks for reading

Hannah x

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