January 21, 2018

So today I am going to be talking about one of my absolute favourite palettes. It's the 25A Copper Spice Palette from Morphe. I have tried some of the larger palettes from Morphe before, but this is by far the best palette of theirs that I've tried. It comes with 25 Square Pan Eyeshadows in a range of neutral colours. I picked this palette up in BTY in Belfast for £20 I believe. This palette mainly caught my eye due to the the colours in the 4th row, they are really creamy metallic shimmer formulas and are the most gorgeous colours. This palette is perfect for everyday use as you can create a gorgeous neutral eye. Which is something I would wear for Uni or Work, especially using the warm brown tones as they compliment my hair. Or it can be used for a more intense night out look using the metallic shimmers and darker colours to create a cut crease or halo eye. This is by far the palette I use most in my collection and the size makes it perfect for travelling too. I prefer this packaging a lot more as well, compared to the original larger Morphe palettes, this palette has more of an expensive feel with the perspex lid similar to something you would see from Mac. I'm going to get into some swatches of the shadows now;

As these shadows don't have names I'm just going to number them from left to right in each row.

Row 1 

All the shades in this row are very pale and could be used as a base for other eyeshadow or to set your eyeshadow primer or concealer. They all have a very creamy formula and are not chalky at all.

1:1 - a warm toned orange based neutral matte

1:2 - a cool toned neutral matte

1:3 - a peach toned neutral matte

1:4 - a pale orange shimmer

1:5 - a pale fawn brown matte

Row 2

This row is what I would use as transition colours when I'm creating an eye look, there is a range of medium brown colours. Although they all look very similar from the swatches they all have a slightly different colour shift or undertone. My favourite is the middle shade and this is what I would usually use in my crease.

2:1 - an orange/copper shimmer

2:2 - a warm toned brown transition colour

2:3 - a cool tones brown transition colour

2:4 - fawn brown transition colour 

2:5 - a yellow toned brown transition colour

Row 3 

This row has a range of deeper browns and are what I would use to deepen up the crease on a day to day basis. Again the middle colour here is my favourite and is one of my most used shadows from the whole palette.

3:1 - a terracotta red/brown matte

3:2 -  warm toned deep brown with gold glitter through

3:3 - cool dark brown matte

3:4 - medium brown matte

3:5 - chocolate brown matte

Row 4

I photographed this row with the flash on as it shows how intense the metallic shimmer are. This is my favourite row in the palette and these are some of the best formula eyeshadows I have ever tried. These are my go to shades when I am heading out. Even if I am in a rush I can pack these shadows on the lid and have a great look. 

4:1 - a pale neutral gold metallic

4:2 - a champagne metallic

4:3 - a light copper metallic

4:4 - a pure gold metallic

4:5 - an orange copper metallic

Row 5

This row has the darkest colours in the palette and is perfect for creating a smokey eye I would usually use one of the metallics and then darken up the crease with one of these colours for a nice smokey eye. The first shade is a continuation of the 4th row and is the same formula.

5:1 - a rose gold metallic

5:2 - a dark mocha shimmer

5:3 - a dark brown with gold glitter through

5:4 - brown black matte

5:5 - black matte

Overall this is an amazing palette and i would recommend that anyone purchase it if you have not already. I have also swatched in store the 25B Bronzed Mocha and it is equally good with more neutral and bronze tones and more deeper colours rather than coppers. It would be equally good for creating smokey eyes.

Thanks for reading
Hannah x 

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