March 24, 2018

So I've heard quite a lot of people talking about the new PS Nudes range from Primark. So I thought I should throw my hat in the ring and try them out for myself. Whenever I saw the packaging of the contour kit, it completely reminded me of the KKW Beauty Contour Sticks (*sips tea*). The contour kit was £8 and I was in Primark anyway doing some holiday shopping so thought I'd pick it up for a review.


Right so I'm gonna be really honest here as always; from the outside this packaging looks good quality. When you open it. Nope. The packaging is extremely flimsy and cheap, the lids of the contour sticks feel like they are about to fall off when you move them. I love Primark and I hate saying bad things about them but its a no from me where this packaging is concerned. As for the brush/sponge applicator it had a really strong chemically/plastic smell off it and whenever I was using it on my face I could smell it.


So here's some swatches on my arm, the first two shades are practically the same but one is the highlight from the highlight stick and one is the brow highlight. However the shade in the middle is just not gonna work as a concealer shade for me. Whenever I applied this makeup I didn't end up using this shade as it was so orange toned and was darker than my actual foundation. This set didn't come in any shade variants either there was just one kit. So I think it may be better if they had realised a light, medium, dark skin tone option, so everyones shade was catered for, cause this is only really going to work on medium skin tones. The contour shades swatched pretty well one was cooler and one warmer so perfect for bronzing and contouring. The formula of them was also extremely creamy. My only issue was that they stained my wrist after I took these swatches off (pic below).


The contour shades actually applied really well, I had only applied foundation before no other products and I was actually impressed they blended out really nicely and give a nice finish to the skin. The highlighter wasn't too bad, it wasn't the most intense highlighter I've ever used, but it wasn't bad either. It was quite similar to the L'Oreal Infallible Stick Highlighter which I previously reviewed. I actually quite liked the brow bone highlighter and used it on my inner corner as well to give a nice sheen. 




I would not rush out and buy this kit for £8, I think the contour stick is good and if it was ever sold individually I'd say it's worth your money however I don't think the kit is worth £8. Overall the products aren't the best quality and I'd say there are better options for affordable makeup on the market. Sorry Primark but it's a miss from me this time.

Thanks for reading

Hannah x


  1. Awk what a shame! I thought it looked great! Very KKW Beauty-Eqsue xx

    Little Luxuries By Lynsey

    1. I know I had such high hopes for it too, the contour stick was good but felt the rest of the kit just wasn't worth it.

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