April 06, 2018

When I heard that BPerfect were launching a new Ultra Dark Tan, I knew I had to try it, and with going on holiday this week I thought that would be the perfect time to test it out. I know people think it's silly to put fake tan on for going on holiday, but I don't tan naturally and I anytime I try to I just burn and its so painful. When I saw there was a BPerfect stand in Castle court last week I knew it was fate telling me to get it, I also picked up the LMD Palette because i've been wanting it for so long, so a review of that will be coming soon too.

So before I apply any tan I exfoliate my body in the shower with the Tan Eraser, I think I paid £6 for my tan eraser and it's honestly the best £6 I've ever spent. If you ever need to get your tan off this thing is amazing and is by far the best product I've used to exfoliate. I'd previously tried the Primark gloves and tons of scrubs but this is by far the best. I then shaved my body and rinsed with a splash of cold water to close my pores.

So I applied the tan with the BPerfect Cosmetics Double Sided Tanning Mitt, I honestly prefer double sided mitts so much as it makes it so much easier to apply tan to your back yourself. If you are like me and live on your own with no one to do your tan, this will help a lot. My first impression of the tan was that it was quite a runny formula for a mousse but it applied to the skin like a dream. It glided on so smoothly and it looked almost airbrushed on. The scent of the tan is lovely as well, I love mango and you can definitely pick up on scent, it also doesn't have a typical tan smell. The colour of the tan also came across more natural than other tans as it had more of a pinky, red undertone rather than an orangey-brown. Similar to Bondi Sands which also has this sort of natural pinky undertone. I had no problems at all applying the tan, I applied two coats all over my body just before I went to bed and then washed it off in the morning. I also applied a little bit to my face using a real techniques buffing brush and it didn't look dirty or cling to my pores at all, which I was impressed by as tans usually do this on my face as I have quite dry skin.

Before applying

After two coats 

So I left the tan on for about 10 hours and showered it off in the morning and the colour is gorgeous, it definitely looks a lot more like a real tan than other tans I've tried. The only thing I would say is be careful on your hands and feet cause I put a little to much on my hands and they are a bit darker than my arms. But overall I think it's a great tan and I would 100% recommend. 

The finished result with flash 

Thanks for reading

Hannah x 

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