April 01, 2018

So i'm sorry for the lack of lookbooks recently cause I do love doing them and I think they are my most popular posts. But I'm going on holiday on the 3rd April so I'm trying to save a bit so I can go shopping while I'm out there too. And I will be getting loads of pictures of my outfits while I'm there so I'll definitely be doing a lookbook when I get home. I've bought a few bits for going already but want to keep them for going away. But there is so many trends that I am loving at the minute so I thought I'd put together a little Spring/Summer Wishlist of my favourite trends at the minute and where you can get them from. 


I feel like this is a super obvious one cause you basically cant walk into a highstreet shop without seeing some form of polka dots right now. When I first heard polka dots were going to be a big trend I was kinda unsure cause I've always been more of a stripes girl. But I have to say I'm loving the polka dot trend especially for dresses and playsuits. I think it so flattering and versatile and almost anyone can pull it off. I've also seen a few button up shirts with polka dots which I think will be gorgeous coming into summer paired with a cute skirt or under a dungaree dress. 




The first time I came across this trend was on Instagram, when I saw someone wearing one of these bags in an OOTD. It was the now sold out Topshop one which everyone went mad over. I also saw one on the runway at the Belfast Fashion Week Highstreet Show. I am totally planning to get one for my collection and think it will be such a staple piece for the summer, circle bags in general are going to be huge over the next few months and they are perfect to fit all your essentials in.   



3.  SUITS 

Tailoring has been huge this season and it's something I personally love. You may seen me rocking the suit co-ord a few times. The suit trend doesn't stop as we move into summer though and I've seen a lot of pastel skirt suits coming into stores. I mean if you live in the UK you will probably still be wearing trouser suits in summer anyway, lets be honest.



4.  GREEN 

Green is to this season as what red was to last season. Block green is such a huge trend for spring and is great to pair with any look. I've seen green paired with a lot of oriental prints which I love or even with monochrome polka dots or stripes for a pop of colour. 

New Look

Pretty Little Thing


This is a more recent trend that I've seen coming through, and it's giving me all the early 2000's childhood vibes. Feel like I had a Bratz doll who had jeans like this. But I'm loving the retro look of the trend. I haven't picked anything up for my wardrobe yet but I'm looking for the perfect co-ord. 

River Island



Lilac is such a huge colour for the season and I personally think it's very flattering on a lot of skin tones. Zara have a gorgeous lilac suit in store which I'm still trying to convince myself that I 'need'. Overall I think lilac is gorgeous and there is so many different ways to incorporate the colour into your look. I'm also loving lilac denim which I've saw a few skirts and jackets in. 


Pretty Little Thing


The perl trend was something I saw a lot in Winter with a lot of jumpers with pearl detail floating about shops. Shein also have an entire section of their website devoted to pearl with loads of cute items. I'm loving the look of pearl detailing on skirts and jeans as it adds something a little different to a plain outfit. 

New Look


This is something you will definitely see me wearing, winter was all about Prince of Wales Check but Spring is all about coloured plaid. The clueless vibes are coming back hard and we can all live our 90s dream of dressing like Cher Horowitz with this trend. I'm especially loving the co-ord and plaid together, because what a better combo.

Urban Outfitters



This is kinda similar to the pearl detail on denim, but I'm seeing so much different options when it comes to jeans right now. The days of black jeans are over and I'm literally loving patterned denim right now. I've also seen a lot of jeans with a stripe down the side or font down the side which I think is a really cool vibe as well.




One hundred percent saved the best till last here because this is my absolute favourite trend at the minute and I hope it sticks around. Ever since the Balenciaga trainers became popular basically every highstreet store has released their own take on these trainers. The Zara ones have been restocked a few times, but sell out again as they have been so popular, so if you can get your hands on them snap them up quickly. I have been looking for the perfecr pair but they all seem to be sold out. The Fila Disruptors are also a good dupe, but I haven't brought myself to buy them yet. 



Thanks for reading 

Hannah x


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