June 06, 2018

So at the weekend I attended AVA festival so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do my first 3 Wears to Wear Wednesday for June. If you don't follow me on Instagram I'm going to be doing a 3 Ways to Wear every Wednesday for the entire month of June. For this 3 Ways to Wear my outfits are all outfits I would wear to a festival but are all sort of different styles I would go for. I also love boho and rainbow outfits but I haven't had a chance to try out those trends yet.


My outfit for day 1 was my absolute favourite. I kinda wanted to go for something sparkly and sequinned but also pink and white shades for summer. My sequin disc bralet top is from Motel and they have such a good selection of these on their website and they always have sample sales where certain pieces are reduced to £10. My white skirt is just an old one from Primark, but I saw a few of these in New Look recently. This pink denim jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe for the past month and is currently in Primark for £15. I paired my chunky Balenciagia inspired trainers with this look which were £42 from River Island, I got these around April so they might still have them. But I also love the Fila Disruptors for a similar vibe. The pink heart suglasses I am wearing are from Primark also and they were my favourite part of the outfit, I really thought they made the look. 


For the second day of AVA I wante do go for a more sporty kind of space inspired look. So I wore this Fila dress from Urban Outfitters, which is currently sold out but you might be bale to find something similar. I wore a black mesh long sleeved top underneath it to contrast to the purple. I also wore lilac pom pom earrings to tie in the dress. I paired the outfit with my black adidas gazelles and a silver bum bag which I've had for a few years but I've seen similar ones in Topshop and New Look. I got so many compliments on this look and I love wearing sporty brands in pastel colours to make them more girly. I also put my hair in space buns to make it I kind of futuristic look with the silver accessories. 


Ok so technically I didn't wear this to AVA but it is something I would definitely wear to a festival. I love having a pop of colour especially orange or yellow and then grunging it up with fishnets and black accesories. My orange tee is from Illustrated People at Topshop, my denim skirt is also Topshop and my fishnets are Stradivarius. I love the font on the top as it makes it look kinda grunge also. If I was wearing this to a festival I would probably wear a choker and a chain style belt which I have been seeing everywhere recently. I also just wore chunky boots with this. 

Thank you for reading

Hannah x

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