June 30, 2018

For this post i thought I'd show how i did my hair and makeup for formal. I had such a good time and I really liked how i did my makeup so I thought I would share. I always tend to curl my hair for formals and events so I thought I'd share how I do that.


So I curled my hair using my straighteners and sectioning it, basically how I do this is clamp the hair in the straightener and twist the straightener and pull it down. I do the curls quite tight to begin with and then leave them to cool down before brushing them out, to make them big and bouncy. I take extra care doing the pieces around my face so they are going away from my face. 


So this is literally the only picture I got of my makeup. I kept my base makeup quite simple and dewy just as it was for formal and then focused on my eyes. As my dress was pink I wanted to do a pink eyeshadow look for this I used the BPerfect LMD Palette which is my favourite palette. I started out by using the shade 'Prinny' which is a baby pink and buffing it through the crease. Then the main shade I used was 'Louise' which is the bright pink colour, I focused on placing this in the crease and then buffing it up, taking it quite high. I really wanted to build this colour up and really worked it into the crease. I then used the colour 'Cranberry' on the outer corner to deepen up the look. I then cut out the middle of my eye with a flat shader and a Makeup Forever Concealer Palette and set it with 'Beam' the silver highlighting shade from the palette. I also used the bright pink shade 'Louise' under my eye and then added lashes. The lashes I used here are the style 'Paris' from SoSueMe. 


My dress was from Debenhams and is a pink multi-way dress which you can tie up whichever way you prefer. However these dresses are available in loads of different places and I think are perfect for a formal. They also suit many different body shapes and types and the different styles makes them super versatile. 

Thanks for reading

Hannah x

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