July 07, 2018

So today I'm gonna be showing you how to get this festival makeup look using a few products I got from the Primark festival collection. I oped for the metallic pink lip topper, silver glitter and face gems. I'm also gonna show the eyeshadow look that I paired with this look using the B Perfect LMD Palette. 

So I started out by using the shade 'Louise' from the LMD Palette and just buffing it into my crease, this shade is so pigmented and I love it for more colourful looks like this one. You can really use any pink colour to do and just build it up to the intensity you want.

Next I added the shade 'Cranberry' which is a burgundy shade, to the outer corner of the eye just to add a bit of dimension to the shadow and deepen it up slightly. Im not worrying about being too messy on the lid as I'm going to cut the crease anyway and add glitter on the lid.

I then added a bit of the original pink shadow to my lower lash line and blended it out with some of the burgundy shade. I then used a cream concealer from a contour kit to carve out my lid where I will place the glitter.

I used the glitter from Primark here and packed it onto my lid, the glitter is already a liquid consistency so sticks perfectly to the lid without having to use glitter glue. I also took a bit o the glitter into the inner corner of my eye. 

For my lips I lined them with a nude/pink liner and applied Mac Creme Cup. I then used the Primark Glitter Lip Topper to add a metallic sheen to my lips. 

Finally I added the facial gems from Primark around my eyes and head which complete the look so well. I think this would be the perfect makeup for any festival. 

Overall I would definitely recommend the Primark Festival Collection. Especially the silver glitter, I have worn this eye makeup look out multiple times and have received loads of compliments on the glitter. I really stands out and completes the look and I think it only cost £2. It has become a staple in my makeup collection.

Thanks for reading

Hannah x

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