August 24, 2018

So it’s been a hot minute since I uploaded a blog post but I’ve been so busy preparing for my holiday but now that it’s over I can finally focus on getting back to blogging and putting it posts, have a few posts that I’m working on at the minute so stay tuned. Obviously my first priority was my holiday lookbook. I didn’t actually take that many clothes with so I’m gonna add a few tips on how to style things different ways and what to pack. So here it is, also shoutout to James for being amazing as usual and taking all these pictures.


So obviously when you are travelling you want to be super comfy so I opted for these black trousers which are basically a staple in and you will probably have seen me wearing before and paired them with a little black crop top. This top is from Primark and was only £4 I mean what a bargain. I also tend to wear the biggest shoes that I’m taking so I wore my trainers just so I didn’t have to fit them in my case and also my hat for the same reason. I like to go very minimal to the airport to make sure I’m comfy I would never really wear jeans or anything restricting like denim usually flowy lighter materials or layers. Layers are great if you are going somewhere warm so you can adjust to the temperature when you get there.


So for a pool day I would wear a bikini obviously but I love the sort of poolside glam Ibiza style especially if you are at a pool party or beach club. This outfit was so simple to create I wore a black sheer kimono from H&M which I’ve had for a few years and is perfect to take on holiday and I styled it with this statement belt from Pretty Little Thing, which was only £15. I absolutely love statement belts as they allow you to wear the same outfit multiple times but in a different way. I threw on a pair of slides and sunglasses and was good to go. I think if you are looking for a coverup or beach dress for holiday it’s better to go for a neutral colour and then you can style it in a few different ways, this black kimono was so handy and versatile to have with me. 


This was my favourite outfit I wore the entire holiday and I had been looking for a dress like this specifically for taking on holiday. Button detail is very in right now and the buttons on this dress just make it so cute. I picked up this dress from SHEIN and it was super inexpensive. My tip if you are ordering of SHEIN is to read the reviews before you order as they really help when deciding whether to buy something as the quality can often be hit or miss. I also really liked the straw accessories and thought they dressed it up a bit more. This white dress took up barely any room in my case but made for such a cute outfit. 


I got a lot of compliments on this outfit and I personally loved the top when I bought it and couldn’t wait to wear it. I got the top in the Zara sale for £12.99 and knew I would probably pair it with a denim skirt. This denim skirt is actually a new one primark which has a little denim belt with a bow which I thought made it more dressy than the others I have and I loved the fit of it. It should still be available and it was only £12. Since the Top was quite low cut I paired some layered gold necklaces and earrings with it to add something more. A denim skirt is a great think to take on holiday as you can wear it with a range of different tops and really transition it from day to night. For going out at night I would maybe wear a black top and bag and heeled sandals to dress it up. 


We’ll just ignore the hair and makeup in this because it was just before we went out on the boat (which was amazing btw). I got this floral playsuit in the Topshop sale for only £15, after having my eye on it for ages. I paired it with a belt and some sunglasses for a casual look and just popped it over my bikini. I loved the floral print on this jumpsuit and it was super easy to style. 

Thank you for reading 

Hannah x 

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