September 25, 2018

I was lucky enough to attend the Kiss Products Summer Party where I was gifted some of the gorgeous Kiss Nails, so I thought I would pop on here and give you my thoughts. I’m a student and I honestly can’t afford to get my nails done so these are the perfect alternative. Kiss do several types of nails regular stick on nails with glue or the Impress nails which are pre glued and you just 
peel and stick on. 


The first Kiss Nails I tried were these ones which were from the glam fantasy collection. I loved the mixture of rose gold glitter and nude. These were the ones I had applied at the event with the Kiss lash glue. I have to say they were amazing, they stayed on for nearly 2 weeks and I got so many compliments on them. 


These nails are the impress stick on ones, which are great for an event when you just need to do quick nails. You can event put them on in the car if you are short on time and there is so many gorgeous designs. I loved this silver and grey pack with glitter and dimanates and they honestly only took me two minutes to put on. 
I would 100% recommend these nails, there are so many amazing styles and they are super handy for on the go.

Thank you for reading

Hannah x

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